Birth Of The Prophet (sws)


We have heard this thing many times but I want to clear it that some people say that Prophet Muhammad (sws) was born before Hazrat Adam (sws). Is it true? Please explain it in the light of Quran and Ḥadīth.


We all know that the Prophet (sws) was born in the second half of the six century AD and being a historical figure there is no dispute regarding his person and era. Those who believe that he was born before Adam present no sounder than that of a man of our age who claims to have down on earth before Adam (sws). Mind stops working and reason abandons when we hear about this type of claims and beliefs. Since it is these people who go against established history they should offer arguments for the novel claim. You or I or anyone else who goes with established history does not need to refute this claim and gather evidence for the obvious.

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