Is bribing someone acceptable in island if there seems no other way out? Please explain in the light of the hadith which says that the one giving bribe and the one accepting it both will go to Hell.


There are two kinds of favours which are called bribe. When Mr A extends some favours or offers money to someone for obtaining something he does not deserve at all and which involves injustice to other parties it is bribe. It is not allowed to give and take such gifts. The evil in this practice and the injustice involved in the dealing is more than obvious.

There are however, cases when people in authority and control do not give others their due rights. Say for example I have passed all the exams and tests for a post. I am not legally and morally entitled to the post and no other person is as worthy as I am. And the authorities call me and say give us two hundred thousand rupees and get your right or we are going to give it to someone (who does not deserve that at all). Now if I have to give the amount they demand it is also called bribe. But it is not birbe on our end. It is ransom extracted from me by force. It is bribe for the one who receives. It is just like ransoming for example one's relatives who are kidnapped for money.

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