Bussiness Partnership With A Non-Muslim


I have a small question regarding business of my brother. He has started a restaurant in America under partnership with a Christian. Christian partner has the major share in it. My brother is concerned about earning as the meat being used is not halal though they are not serving any pork item in restaurant. The partner holds the argument that as we are dealing with majority of non-Muslim customer there so there is no point in buying halal meat. Second argument is cost factor as halal meat is expensive. Now this makes my brother doubtful about earning coming out of this restaurant in his pocket.

Could you please throw light on this issue and appropriate step to be taken. May Allah Almighty guide us to the right path!


As a general rule, what is Haram is Haram for all human beings, even-though only some people (Muslims and some people of the book) may recognize and appreciate it.

Therefore anything that your brother as a Muslim considers to be Haram to consume then it will be not allowed to be sold by him either.

How this can be implemented in the partnership is an issue that your brother needs to decide about.

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