Can A Muslim Woman Marry A Bhai’ Man


The way you put it is very understandable and will make one think more than once to go ahead with such a marriage. But we are born human beings with a heart, a heart that sometimes prevails over all logical understanding. I therefore ask you kindly to help me answer this question (within the laws of Islam, is the marriage of a muslim woman to a baha'i man allowed or not?)


I will refer you to some relevant answers published in our associated websites for the ruling you enquired about, however before that I would like to encourage you to read my first answer more carefully and to think about it more seriously. You wrote that you were human being with heart and that not all times logic might prevail over heart. I fully understand this. It is because of the same concept that I wrote that first response. I was trying to encourage you to think, beyond regulations, whether practically you will be doing something that could easily end up in breaking your heart.

Now to answer your question on a more technical level as you requested:

In the Qur'an we only have permission for 'Muslim men' to marry 'the People of the Book' (5:5).

The most popular view is that since the permission is given only to Muslim men therefore women do not have that permission and this is because of the fact that normally and traditionally men are leaders of their family and therefore are more influential in influencing the religion of their family members.

A different though less popular view is that the Qur'an has not prohibited marriage of Muslim women with people of the book but is simply silent about it. This silence, at most, can be considered as implicit dislike but (according to this view) cannot be considered as explicitly forbidden.

The very fact that you have asked this question twice is an evidence of your true faith and loyalty to the religion of the Alimigty Masha'Allah. Using this faith and loyalty and with all honesty you need to decide which of the views (as expressed above) seem to be more convincing to you and follow that one. As explained above this is (on your request) purely from the point of view of regulations. As for other practical issues of such marriage please refer to my first reply.

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