Can A Muslim Woman Marry A Bhai’ Man? 1


Can a muslim woman marry a bahai man?


If the woman is Muslim that means she does not consider Mirza Hussain Ali (who is known as Baha'ullah by Baha'ies) as a prophet of God. Since we are sure from the reports that Mirza Hussain Ali claimed to be a prophet of God then we must consider him a liar.

How can there be a peaceful and sustainable family unit when one pillar of the unit (woman) considers the master of faith of the other pillar (man) to be a liar?

If either the man or the woman is hoping that in time they will convince their spouse to leave her/his faith and to accept his/her, then is it not wiser to do this before marriage?

I therefore suggest the right question perhaps is not that whether a Muslim woman 'can' marry a Bahai man. The more relevant question I think should be whether a Muslim woman 'should' marry a Bahai man.

The answer to this question is as above.

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