Can non-Muslims touch the Qur’an? Is Stomach of animal Halal? On Music and Entertainment


1.) Can any christian or non muslim touch Quran? Because christians and non

muslims may not be of wudu!

2) Is Ojhri halal in islam?

3) Besides our all routine works and prayers, can we listen to some music or

watch drama serials for some entertainment??

I will be grateful if you answer this! May Allah bless you!



1. In our view, touching the written Quran (Mushaf) with wudu (ablution) is from the manners of handling this Book, that we normally would take into consideration. However, it is not a precondition to touch it or to read from it. At the most it can be held as something preferable. Further, the Qur'an is a message from the Almighty for the entire world and it should be given to the non-Muslims also. Obviously we cannot demand them to perform wudu before they touch or read the Qur'an. The Prophet (sws) himself wrote Aayaat of the Qur'an in many letters that he sent to the rulers of surrounding kingdoms. They touched those letters and the King of Persia, in his arrogance, even tore the letter and trampled on it. There is no such condition mentioned in the Qur'an or the Sunnah that non-Muslims cannot touch the Qur'an.

2. Yes Ojhri (Stomach) is halaal to be eaten.

3. We must only abstain from lewdness and indecency, and all paths that leads to it. It is only the moral evils associated with any art that are condemned and not the art itself. Therefore, only such forms of music are forbidden that are associated with the evil of drinking, lewdness and polytheism.

Regarding our views of Music please refer to the following essays:

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The views expressed in these essays about music can be applied to other forms of entertainment as well.

I hope this helps.

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