Challenge Of The Holy Qur’an


The verse 23 of Surah al-Baqarah (2) challenges man to create verse like the Holy Qur'an. Is it, God forbid, not possible for any human being to produce a false copy of the Holy Qur'an?


We are in fourteenth century AH. The Holy Qur'an set this challenge almost fifteen centuries ago but nobody ever dared to bring about such thing as comparable to the Holy Qur'an. During this course of time, many of the people falsely claimed being divine prophets and some even presented the examples of what they called revelation. But in reality, their speech is so much different from the Holy Qur'an that it cannot be compared to the difference between silk and sackcloth. There are thousands of writers of Arabic literature. Their writings present the best example of the language usage. But when they insert some passage of the Holy Qur'an in their literary works, the difference between the Quranic text and their writing becomes evident.

The fact is that the Holy Qur'an is such book that has never been imitated neither in Arabic nor in any other language. Its miraculous style has impressed many classical writers but none could ever steal its uniqueness.

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