Chanting Durood For Mundane Purposes


I watch your program "Deen-o-Danish" and I learn a lot from it. I wish that all the people can learn Islam in the right way. I have a question, if someone reads drood shariff 100 times or more to get their wishes, is it allowed in Islam?


We cannot state that it is forbidden for one to recite the durood a hundred or more or less times and seek God's blessings and hope from Him that his wish will be granted. However, we can say that there is no guarantee from God to grant a wish on reciting the durood any number of times. We do not find any sound basis in the sources of the religious to the fact that God indeed feels Himself bout to grant such wish in accompanied by this set procedure. We believe that God has asked us to seek His bounties and to pray to Him directly in plain terms. However, He does not listen to all the pleadings we do. He listens to our prayers and invocations when they match with the wise scheme He has for us in this world life which is only a test and trial for us.

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