Cheating The Governemnt


A man wants to perform Hajj. He lives in Germany for the last 20 years. He is now un-employed for the last 13 years. He is healthy and does not look for work. He receives an amount monthly by the state, that also for the last 13 years. The money he receives is by telling the state that he cannot find work or informs the state that he cannot work due to medical reason, but on the other hand he is running a business and working without informing the state. My question follows: Can he perform Hajj with the money he receives from the state?


Knowingly deceiving the state and cheating is a great sin. The money eared through cheating and fraud is not halal earning. This money should neither be used for travelling to hajj, nor for any other matter. However, if this man goes for hajj and performs it and uses money that he did not earn legally we cannot even then comment on the validity or otherwise of the hajj he performed. This we leave upon God to decide.

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