Chicken In The Western Societies


I am serving in Pakistan Navy as Lieut Commander. Presently I am undergoing a training Course in Canada. I want to know about eating of chicken and lamb which is available in market or in our officer's mess. Please indicate under the light of Qur'an and Sunnah if it is ḥarām or ḥalāl. I am really worried aboout that.


Meat will be Ḥalāl if it is prepared under the Shariah law. That in principle means saying the name of the Almighty and letting the animal's blood to drain out. Of course the meat of the animal itself should be Ḥalāl (e.g. not pork).

We are also allowed to eat from the meat that is made based on the Sharī'ah that is practiced by Isralites, on this basis Kosher meat will be Ḥalāl for us.

In the absence of the above choices you have to consume fish or vegetarian food. This is unless you will be strave as the result of not having meat, in which case exceptionally you will be allowed to consume it.

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