Choosing Life Partner


I would like to know what exactly the Quran and the Ḥadīth say about what a woman should look for in a man for marriage and vice-versa, what a man should look for in a woman when considering her for marriage.


In addition to the common natural things that we usually consider, one should always consider the religiosity of the proposed match. A pious partner is sure to help us live the life of piety and create an atmosphere for the offspring and us conducive for the purpose. Another important thing, though people usually consider this, I would like to point out is that we should also see the chances of harmonious relationship between the two. Both persons should have shared interest and likes and dislikes and mutually compatible personalities. This helps the relationship go smooth which is very important thing in this relationship. Marriage is life long relationship and always be kept intact through one's life. However, there is nothing in the Holy Qur'an that specifically related to this matter. The Holy Qur'an leaves many things on common sense and reasoning faculty of men. The Holy Qur'an has provided us with the guidance as to how should we live the life of submission to God and earn emerge successful on the Day of Judgment. Now we can see that which thing helps us achieve the goal and which is likely to hinder us.

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