Coexistence Of The Muslim Sects


I wonder how would Sunnis and Shia's get along in an Islamic government, especially when comes to selecting a leader? I am sure that there is no clear answer but I would like to read your insight on the matter. What do you think will ultimately happen? Will one side concede to the other or will they learn to live in peace? Might they end up fighting to the death? How serious is this issue? I am not all together clear on the matter.

I would also like to ask about the Islamic sharia and whether or not an Islamic Government could function in a country of non-Muslims?


I will confine myself to explaining the basic teachings of Islam on the issue. I would request you to try to apply it on different situations yourself. People adhering to different religions and sects have been and are getting along with each other in many countries. Shias and Sunnis should follow the example set by the companions of the Prophet (sws) after his death. Different groups were expecting the office to go to them. Aside from difference with Ansar, Muhajirin themselves were not unanimous. Certainly there were people who supported Ali (rta). But it was decided that the office should go to the party who enjoys support of the majority. There is no question of fighting for the power. Every group is supposed to show tolerance and try to convince people in their favor after which they have the opportunity to gain power.

As regards the matter of Islamic government in a Non-Muslim state it is not possible today. In the past when dictatorship was in vogue it was quite possible that a minor group rule others for example Muslim's rule in India. However there is no such possibility today. Most of the governments in the world are democratic in nature where you cannot avail the opportunity without the winning support of the majority.

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