Commodes And Urinals


Can we remain ritually pure after using the western style commodes? Can we use them and still say our prayers and do ablutions etc? This I ask because in using them our body comes in direct contact with these commodes. My second question is also related one and that is pertaining to use of urinals. They are again very convenient to use and at times at many places like hotels and airports, we often find only them. Obviously one is standing while urinating but astonishingly I have noticed that one remains quite clear of any urinary drop whatsoever while using them. So can we use them and still say our prayers...because traditionally as far as I know, standing while urinating is quite prohibited.


We believe that only thing required by the Shari'ah is that we use a posture that saves us from the filth and drops. Therefore, if this purpose is fulfilled by commodes or the urinals then there is no problem with using them. It is not urinating while standing that is ḥarām but urinating in a careless manner without taking care to keep the body and clothes safe from drops and filth.

I am sorry I could not understand how a person gets ritually impure while sitting on a commode. Definitely if there is filth and dirt no one would sit there before washing it. If it is dry and not filthy then it is pure and does not make the body impure by contact.

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