Concept Of Seven Heavens


What is the concept of seven heavens?


As it can be understood from the Qur'an (2:29, 37:6), what we know as sky seems to be the Samaa (translated as heaven in English) of this world. The Qur'an tells us that above or beyond this there are another six heavens.

- once you have entered junnah can you create your own universe and re-live life according to what you want?

A small boy asked his dad: "Dad once I become adult and found a job and got plenty of money, can I spend all my money buying sweats?" The Dad smiled and said: "yes!". The boy grew up and once he became an adult he founded he hated the taste of sweats!

It is true that we will have what we want in heaven but we neither will want, nor it will be possible to have something that goes against the Sunnah of God the Almighty. Once in heaven insha'Allah, there will be nothing of this world that we would miss or would desire.

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