Concubinage in Islam


I went accross these among many articles which show that Arabs at time of Prophet (SAW) would loot and take women as prize. It also mentions name of some prominent Sahabas. I want to know Ghamidi sb stance on that. The references are there which means that there may be some event of that sort e.g. the case with Banu Hawazin... May be the perception or portrayal is wrong.

Please elaborate on this.



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The first thing that needs to be understood is that the institution of slavery existed in the entire world. Buying, selling and making new slaves in battles were an accepted norm of the world. In this scenario, when God revealed His Guidance to the Prophet Muhammad (sws), He also addressed the issue of slavery. Since slavery was very deep rooted in society, it could not be stopped in one go. So, Islam adopted a gradual method of deaing with this problem. To know what steps were taken to address this issue, kindly refer to the following two chapters from Ustaz Ghamidi's book Meezan:

1. Slavery:!/mizan/5aa6a4315e891e8f44a45788?chapterNo=5&subChapterNo=2&subChsecNo=9&lang=en

2. Captives of War:!/mizan/5aa6a4315e891e8f44a45788?chapterNo=9&subChapterNo=3&lang=en


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