Dead Body Of Ramesses II


There are numerous claims that Remises II was the pharaoh mentioned in the Quran. Allah said in the Quran that He would preserve the body of the pharaoh as a sign for the people to see. My question is which people Allah is referring to? Macans? Or the people of the present times? My other doubt is that mummies had been preserved in ancient Egypt so the claim that Allah preserved it does not make sense. Do you think these claims that Ramesses II is indeed pharaoh mentioned in the Quran to be true. Then what about the verse of the Quran which says that Allah will preserve him?


According to my understanding in verse 10:92, the people who the Almighty refers to are primarily those who survived Pharaoh. This does not necessarily mean that people of later generations were not included but what the verse of the Qur'an seems to be implying is as above.

As for whether Ramesses II is the Pharaoh, there are many debates about this and it is difficult at least at this stage to reach any definite conclusions.

As I explained above the verse 10:92 has nothing to do with preserving the body of Pharaoh till our time. Having said that, when God says he does something it does not necessarily mean that the things will happen with no means. God says he sends rain to us, but we know there is a natural process that takes place in producing rain. This does not mean that God has not done it. It is in fact the Almighty that has caused it to happen this way. Same argument can be made for preserving the body of (supposedly) Pharaoh by people.

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