Delay In A Girl’s Marriage


I have a question regarding the girls who do are not fortunate enough to get married in time. Their marriage is delayed. Does this mean that such a girl has done something wrong for which she is being punished? If not then why a girl who does not even have high expectations and standards goes through such difficult trial?


All the difficulties and adversities we face during the course of life do not necessarily mean that we have done something wrong and that Allah is not pleased with us. No doubt at times some of the problems are intended to warn us but some others are merely a form of test and trial. We know that every human being is undergoing a sort of test. Some are being tested through good fortune. They are expected to show gratitude on the divine blessings. Others are tested by hard times. These are expected to remain patience. I believe we should keep asking God to help us and bring us out of difficulties. If God's wisdom demands the fulfillment of our prayers and His scheme regarding us accepts improvement our problems will be removed. If God decides to keep us face the difficulties still we should remain faithful and be patient.

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