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Sir, I am a teacher here in a college. I am married and Allah has bestowed me with three beautiful children. Sir, since last year I have been deeply depressed and restlessness, losing confidence and fearful. I fear the future for the events going on everywhere around us of cruelty, barbarism and injustices. I am disturbed due to the TV programs particularly cartoon channels. I rarely watch TV but my children watch these and I find myself unable to divert their attention from these channels. I am disturbed at college where bribes and approaches are practiced regularly and I feel that my efficiency is decreasing day by day. Sir, I accomplish all the household work at home. I teach my children myself. I try my best to do justice to my students. My subject is history and I am teaching Islamic history nowadays. I try to tell them the reality behind the events as far as I can understand. But despite all this I am not satisfied. I feel my dreams useless. My efforts seem totally useless to me. I keep praying that Allah may let me, my children and family understand the right path, show us the real difference between right and wrong, and give me the satisfaction. Sir, please tell me what should I do. I am confused and at a loss to understand the situation.


Once upon a time a teacher decided to test his students to distinguish the obedient from the rebel ones. So he announced to the class that he would leave the classroom for an hour. In reality he was watching the pupils very closely from a hidden window that supposedly none of the pupils were aware of.

Now most of the pupils started to play naughty and make wild noises and fighting with each other throwing things around. Among them however there were few who were trying to calm others down and bring in some discipline. However whatever they were doing was useless as nobody listened to them.

So what then happened was that all these good pupils either joined the bad ones or simply remained silent knowing that they couldn't help with the situation. But one of the pupils kept trying to bring some discipline to the mess. He would pick up the rubbish that others were throwing and would clean the tables that others were making dirty and would advise all to behave.

The reason this pupil was doing this despite the apparent useless situation was that he knew that the teacher was in fact not gone and that he was carefully watching the class. So all that was going on in his mind was to please and satisfy his teacher by trying his best to make the situation better. Whether his work was helping or not was not an issue for him.

Later when the teacher returned, he was obviously very pleased with this particular pupil. He was so pleased that he gave him his own support and taught him some skills so that he could be reasonably effective in his endeavor to make things right.

Please read verses 67:1 and 2 - 103: 1-3 and 29:69.

I hope you understand what I am trying to say, if not, please write back.

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