Documenting One’s Religious Views


I study the Qur'an with urdu translation becuse I don't know Arabic. Many ideas come through my thinking and I want to write on these. I fear that my thinking may be wrong. I quot an example. Allah Almighty says you should prefer for others what you prefer for yourself. It is bright idea for life of humanbeings in all aspect. I can elaborate upon it in my writings. I wanted to ask should I commit my thoughts to writing?


We believe the Sharia'h has not set any qualification for a man willing to educate the believers and the others on any topic. It would be great if you started compiling your thoughts and then presenting them to the public. It will surely earn you great reward. The Almighty knows our intentions and even if we are wrong in our ijtihad and understanding we are rewarded. May Allah bless you with the ability and courage to spread good!

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