Effect of Apostasy on Nikah



I had very important question forJaved Ahmed Ghamdi. I have heard that whoever commits apostasy their nikkah (marriage) is annulled. If a Muslim commits apostasy or blasphemy, Allah (swt) forbid, but repents and comes back to Islam, what is effect on his/her nikkah? Does this law also have to do something with consummation or non consummation of marriage? Plz do reply!

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The marriage is not annulled automatically in any way unless the divorce is given properly. If a Muslim utters blasphemous remarks or let us say express doubts about Islam, we should engage with that and attempt to provide correct and satisfactory answers to that person. But meanwhile, nothing will happen to the marriage. If one comes back to Islam, in that case also, the marriage remains intact. Same is the case with marriage not yet consummated.


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