Eunuchs, Tattooing And Dajjal


Can eunuchs change their gender through any plastic surgery? Is it allowable and if not so why? Is tattooing allowable? Is it this true that dajjal will come before the doomsday or this is just a superstition?


1. We believe that the eunuchs suffer physical abnormality. Any attempt to recover their original sex gender would just be a medical treatment to which no objection can be raised on religious grounds. However, here by gender change we mean removal of any abnormality and restoring the original gender. For example some eunuchs are deformed males and others females. A eunuch with male characteristics should be treated and changed into males.

2. As for tattooing please refer to: Tattooing

3. On the issue of Djjal Mr Ghamidi writes:

Dajjal; This is an adjective meaning "a great deceiver". It has also been referred to as al-masih al-dajjal. The implication is that before the Day of Judgement, a person will falsely claim to be Jesus (sws) and while making use of the notion of the return of Jesus (sws) found in Muslims, Jews and Christians will deceive people through some of his magical powers. It is mentioned in some narratives that he would be blind in one eye and his deception would be so evident to the believers that it would be as if they would see disbelief written on his forehead.[3]


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