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My wife and I live in Sweden. We come from Pakistan. By profession both of us are Software Engineers. Currently we are working at a company that sells computer games. Quite to be very honest these are Casino games and also card games that can be played on a website or can be played offline. The person playing these games may or may not gamble on these games. But most of the players certainly gamble. Now we are not directly involved in implementing the software for these games. We however integrate them with a website where the player can play online. I guess it might be quite obvious to you that I am trying to enquire about the legitimacy of our job from Islamic point of view.


Gambling is Haram and therefore helping with or facilitating gambling is also Haram.

This is the principle. When it comes to application of this principle, we need to appreciate that first, it wasn't you (I presume) that started this business, you are only working for it as employees and second, living in a country as foreigners, some of the support and backups facilities that could have been available to you at Home are less available to you in this country.

Given the above, my suggestion is that if it is possible to change your job without falling in much difficulty then it is advisable to do that. If this is not possible then you need to have every intention to change your job as soon as it is possible to do so without much difficulty.

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