Fasting After Eid Prayer Till Offering The Sacrifice


It is said that one should remain fasting after Eid al-Azha congregation and should do iftaar with the meat of the offered animal. Please comment.


It has been reported in hadith narratives that the Prophet (sws) did not take anything before Eid congregation on the day of Eid al-Azha. Buraidah reports: "The Prophet would not go out on the day of breaking the fast (Eid al-fitr) until he had eaten and on the day of sacrifice (Eid al-Azha) he would not eat until he had returned from the mosque. This is related by at-Tirmizi and Ibn Majah, and also by Ahmad who added: "And he would eat from his sacrifice." However, it is a practice that should be followed as good example set by the Prophet (sws) in this regard and should not be declared obligatory.

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