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This will be my first Ramadan. I am excited but I am also a little confused being a new Muslim. Can you please direct me in what to do and when I am to eat and drink? I know I am to read the Quran during this time also. I have an unusual situation that may affect my fasting. My job entails working outside in extreme weather conditions of heat and high humidity. It will be impossible for me not to consume water during this time for I may end up in grave danger from this. Eating would not be a problem during this time for I could refrain from it and be ok. What is your advice on this? Thank you for your time.


Fasting is an obligation for us and the aim of fasting, as advised in the Qur'an, is to increase our Taqwa (refraining from what God does not like for us). We fast from dawn to sunset. After sunset we break our fast and before dawn we eat something to get prepared for fasting (commonly known as Suhur).

As for the problem of not danger because of not consuming water in the extreme weather and working condition:

You first need to explore every possibility to some how resolve this problem, is it possible to change your working conditions during the month of Ramadhan? Do you need to work during the month of Ramadhan? Is it possoble to work less during the month and if yes then is this going to solve the problem? Is it possble drink enough water or any other Halal and helpful liquid that could keep you unharmed while fasting? Are there other Muslims with the same conditions who keep fasting and if yes is it possible to get some helpful advice from them?

If answer to the above is No, and if as you described, not drinking water will cause serious danger to your health when you are working, then you can skip fasting in this month and instead fast the same number of days later in the year when the weather is less hot and the day is shorter.

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