Fate Of The Unlettered People


In the light of Islam, what will be the fate and judgment of wild African tribal people, who are living permanently in uncivilized state of life? Below civilized standard of life (in terms of dress, food, education etc.) without any religion and Sharī'ah (No prophet, no holy book of guidance) in remote areas of the world, they are cut-off from the civilized world. A question arises for scholars of history and religion how they are detached from the main linage of human civilizations, cultures, and religions.


We believe that the Almighty has given every human sound fitrah (human orientation) and reason to work on the signs of God's providence in the universe and in himself. Nobody will be left unquestioned about the Almighty Allah and the afterlife. As for the details and laws revealed through the Prophets and Messengers [pbuh] they only apply to those who are exposed to them. If somebody is not exposed to the teachings of the Prophets and even if he is but with distorted teachings then his case will be justly considered by the Almighty Allah. He knows all and sees all. He is Just and will not punish someone without just basis.

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