Finality Of The Holy Prophet (sws)


A friend of mine is was insisting that Jesus Christ (sws) died and will never come again. Although it doesn't disturb my belief but his second question of course crosses the belief line. He said that the last Prophet is Jesus Christ (sws) and not Hazrat Muhammad (sws). Please provide enough verses from Qur'an to prove that Hazrat Muhammad (sws) is the last Prophet and no Prophet (nabi and rasool) will come after him.


For our view on the finality of the Prophet (sws) please refer to: Finality of Prophethood

That the Prophet (sws) is the last of the Prophets is not only dependent on the Qur'anic verses. The belief was taught by the Prophet (sws) to the entire generation of the Companions (rta) and was transferred to the next generation by the consensus of the Companion (sws). The successors too received and believed in it with their consensus and passed the belief on with consensus to the next generation. This continues till our time. All the generations of the Muslims believed in the reality and transmitted the belief to the next generation without a break. This makes it absolutely authentic without a shadow of doubt that the Prophet (sws) made it clear and made it a part of the Muslim beliefs.

Another important fact is that as long as the Prophets were expected the existing Prophets (sws) gave glad tidings of the coming Prophet and the people were always looking for and expecting the arrival of the new promised Prophet. This is not longer the case. Muslims have never been expecting a new Prophet of whatever name you give him.

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