Flesh Of Animals Slaughters After Stunning


My question is about the meat that is slaughterd and sold as ḥalāl meat here in Sweden. The animals have to be stunned with a boltgun that is put to the animals temple (the head) and then shot and may very well kill the animal becuse its a hard blow to the head before it is slaughterd. Now my question is even if it is sold as ḥalāl is it really ḥalāl. If not can I eat meat that isn't ḥalāl because I don't have a soice like chiken or lamb.


If you are sure that a meat has not been prepared according to the rules of Sharī'ah then you should not consume it unless not consuming it means you will be starved.

However, when you see a meat in the Muslim market that is sold as ḥalāl meat, it is not your duty to do research and get to the bottom of it.You can trust your Muslim brothers and consume that meat even if you are personally not sure about its slaughtering procedure.

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