Following Innovations As Part Of The Religion


What outcome will face the people who accept innovations due to their self desires (khush 'qīdgī)?


Every Muslim is bound to consider something a part of the religion and adopt it which he believes has been transmitted to him from the Holy Prophet (sws). It does not have to do with the fact that whether he acquired it through his studies or he learned it from some religious scholar. He will be rewarded even if this opinion is not right if the man is determined to change his attitude whenever he discovers his mistake and remains firm in following his religion. Following one's desires and aspirations in the religion is pretty dangerous. Sincerity is the fundamental principle of religion. After preserving this sincerity one can hope that God Almighty would ignore many of his mistakes with His kindness.

Translated by: Abid Mahmood Hashmi

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Talib Mohsin

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