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I wanted to learn the meaning of the expression 'ul al-'amr (those vested with authority) in Q 4:59. The verse says:

O you who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger and 'ul al-'amr minkum.

TheShi'is take it as a basis for their concept of imamat? Secondly would you kindly tell me if I can follow fiqh-e Ja'friyah if it appeals me? What about the small differences for example in method of wudu and placement of hands in the Prayer?


Thank you for writing to us. We believe that the words 'ul al-'amr minkum refer to the rulers. They do not refer to the religious scholars. As for the question of following fiqh-e ja'friyah it is upon you to decide. Though the questions dealt with in a fiqh are mainly of practical nature and we may adopt any of the existing ones or found a new one yet we must appreciate the fact that fiqh-e ja'friyah is based on belief in imamat which fundamentally differs from the sunni Islam. We do not find the belief in conformity with the basic Islamic beliefs. For example we do not find it possible to hold someone ma'soom (infallible) source of religious knowledge. But the shi'i hold their imams as infallible. In their fiqh the ruling of the imam would be final. This is why we cannot suggest or recommend following this fiqh.

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