Forgiveness For The Murderers


If someone, who is otherwise a good human being, has committed a murder in the past under some circumstances, and the person he killed was not a good human being and he had rapped 2 women, will he ever be forgiven for that sin? Furthermore the person who was killed misbehaved with the father of that good guy that made him so angry and he decided to kill him. And after that murder that guy was attacked 2 times and was nearly put to death but somehow he survived. I would like to tell you that this guy is a doctor and is a very good human being. He is very honest to his job but he is being haunted by the guilt that he killed someone. He fears that even if he ask for forgiveness Allah won't forgive him. Kindly help me in solving his problem. Tell me whether Allah will ever forgive him or not.


A crime is actually a crime. Killing bad person is not different from killing a good one. God has prohibited taking a human life. The only allowable way for humans to take a life is when he has killed another person or created nuisance in the land. This too will be conducted and implemented by the court and not individuals. Therefore, if an individual or a goup of them kill another no matter what circumstances they are responsible.

Now the question of repentance, God accepts true repentance and forgives every sin He decides to forgive. However, it needs to be appreciated that repentance means correcting one's behaviour more than it means asking for forgiveness. If the brother has truly repented and has corrected his behaior and is mindful of God's and fellow humans' rights we should hope he would be forgiven. He should remain between hope and fear so that he strives more for his success in the afterlife.

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