Good Deeds By A Disbeliever


I need the translation or commentary on (21:94): "Who so ever did righteous deeds and he is mo'min his struggles will not be wasted at all and we are writing everything."

I try to write the translation and seek forgiveness from God if my interpretation is wrong. Can you please check the meaning and let me know according to my understanding a person who does righteous deeds has to be mo'min, believer. Am I right?


A correct translation will be:

"So any one who does anything from righteous deeds and he is a believer, his efforts will not be denied and We write (his deeds) for him." (21:94)

Accordingly only those good deeds are accepted that are based and coming from a believer.

However a point to consider is that God does not hold any one responsible for his false beliefs or wrong deeds unless the person is fully aware of the truth that he is rejecting or ignoring and the false in his beliefs and deeds. This is a general rule that (among many verses) can be derived from (2:286). The person who has wrong belief out of ignorance but at the same time is a righteous person in his deeds, with the blessing and mercy of the Almighty, InshaAllah can hope to see the reward that he deserves for his good deeds.

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