Greeting Non-Muslims By Saying Assalaam-o-alaykum


Can we greet non-Muslims with conventional Muslim greetings "assalam-o-alaikum"?

What is the stance of Sharia and Hadīth or Sunnah on family planning?

Can we teach non-Muslim to say "inshaAllah". Because, I have habit of saying this and my non-Muslims friend usually ask me what is this. I want to know should I encourage them to do the same.


There is nothing wrong in saying assalaam o alaykum to the non-Muslims. Some people think that we can wish well for the non-Muslims but that is not true Islamic stance. We need to interact with them and try to do them good. We need to create a da'wah relationship with them so that we can easily communicate to them the teachings of our religion.

For our view on the issue of family planning please refer to:

There is nothing wrong with saying inshaAllah before the non-Muslim friends and teaching them what it means.

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