Hajj while menstruation


Assalaamu alaikum.

What is the ruling on performing hajj while menstruation??? Can one do tawaaf e ziyarah after 12th Zilhajj after hajj days are passed?


wa alaikumussalaam

During menstruation, a woman should not offer any acts of worship relating to the Ka`bah. These acts of worship include the Tawaf around the Ka`bah and the obligatory or any supererogatory prayers. Except the Tawaf, a woman may offer all parts of Hajj. Subsequently, at the discontinuation of her menstrual bleeding, she may perform the Tawaf. If, however, she is hindered by visa restrictions in delaying her return till after the discontinuation of menstrual bleeding, then she would obviously have to return without offering her Tawaf. In such a case, the woman's Hajj would be considered as complete, given that she did not have the option to perform her Tawaf later.


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