How To Approach Allah Almighty


I saw a verse inscribed on a wall of a Pakistani Muslim boutique that says like this: "Allah allah karne se na milay allah, Allah walon se milne se miljaye allah (You can reach God by calling Him. The only way to access Him is to join the company of His friends)." I don't remember the exact sentence but it was like this, my question is-is this shirk (polytheism) or just a sufi prose?


I believe it is polytheistic. I say this because God Almighty says that we should call Him and that He is nearer than the jugular vein and He listens to us. There are numerous verses in the Qur'an which tell us this fact. To say that one does not have access to God by calling Him would be directly opposing this Qur'anic assertion. However, if we ask the person who compiled this verse and the one who inscribed it on the wall of his house they would tell that they only want to emphasize the importance of the company of the righteous.

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