How To Deal With An Adulterer Spouse


I was reading your article about adultery and found out it is forbidden in Islam to marry an adulterer. Fine. But adultery can only be committed after being married right. If for the sake of discussion some married person commits adultery what should the other partner do as far as Islam is concerned? Should he or she leave the other partner or should he or she make him or her understand that it is wrong? If he or she is required to leave the adulterer partner should it be done through proper divorce according to Islam or nikah would instantly be cancelled?


The ruling is not restricted to adultery (zina by the married) but includes the fornicators (zina by the unmarried). However, it is when a person commits zina and is convicted then he is not allowed to marry a chaste woman.

Another case is when a wife accuses her husband or the husband accuses his wife of adultery and there are no witnesses both are separated after li'aan (Qazaf) Such a person is not equal to a convicted zani yet the couple is separated because at least according to that particular partner the other partner is a zani.

Muslims are encouraged not to bring any such thing in public and keep it to themselves. However, the person involved must be counseled and advised.

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