How To Treat Animals Before Slaughtering?


Do we have any position of Islam on treating animals before Zabiha. In the USA the chicken (broilers) are kept indoors not allowed to move. They live in their waste before slaughtering them. They do not even see the sunlight. Same is true about beef; animals are kept in very cruel conditions even though they are Zabiha in the traditional fashion. Is such meat Halal for us where animals are literally tortured before being slaughtered?


We need to separate the two issues here.

Legally the meet is Halal and there is nothing wrong with consuming it.

However morally the owners of the businesses with these conditions are not satisfying God's expectations. Every creature has a right and we have no right to take away their right. Even when slaughtering the religious directives give us advice on how to make sure the animal suffers less (not killing it thirsty, using sharp knife, etc.). As such the conditions you mentioned are not acceptable.

Therefore while legally you can consume the meat, morally you may boycott such butchers.

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