I Want To Marry A Muslim


I am very much in love with a Muslim boy and he is with me. My family doesn't necessarily agree with this because of our different religions. He tells me that his parents would not mind but I think different because in one year I have never met them and it is like he is trying to hide me away. Could you please advise.


Islam has left an individual to enter into the marital contract on his own choice. In fact the free will of both the parties is an essential pre-requisite for the legitimacy of such a contract. Parents cannot basically hinder their children from choosing a partner whom they consider an appropriate match for them. A Muslim male can marry women of the People of the Book ie Jews and Christians, though preferably in areas where Islam hold sway.

You say that the boy seems to hesitate from revealing the matter to his parents. Though parents' consent does not render a match illegal but their approval is very important. The marriage is actually a social contract which is completely successful only when backed by the society. The parents and relatives come first in this regard. Approval of the parents is required for the smooth running of the relationship in future.

Therefore the norms of the society and the approval of the parents of the both sides should always be given top priority. So I would suggest that you should try to talk your friend into involving his parents and trying to convince them to accept this match.

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