Identification Of The Biblical Pharaoh


I would like to inquire if you know any relations between the Pharaoh mentioned in the Holy Qur'an during Prophet Moses' time and the Pharaohs mentioned in the Historical data such as Tutenkhamon or Amenhotep? Are they in anyway related to one another historically? If they are not related, do you have any idea in which year was the existence of the Pharaoh mentioned in the Holy Al-Qur'an during Prophet Moses' time?


The Pharaoh mentioned in the Qur'an and the Bible has not been identified for certain. Most of the scholars think that it was Remises. However, the addressees of the Qur'an especially from among the People of the Book knew for certain that the Almighty destroyed one of the Egyptian kings for rejecting the Messenger of God. The true purport of the Qur'anic reference was not mystified to the addressees of the Qur'an by lack of identification of the historical pharaoh as the Qur'anic or Biblical Pharaoh. For further details on the issue please refer to:

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