Ignoring The Rights Of The Fellow Humans


I live in an apartment in which every flat contributes a fix amount that enable the building union to pay salaries of six watchmen, a sweeper, a plumber, an electrician, a lift mechanic and office in charge. Union also pay expenses of maintaining lifts for residents, providing twenty-four hours water supply, electricity arrangements in the corridors, daily cleaning and all other matters. There are some residents who do not pay this contribution while a large number pay it assuming their responsibility. Members of the union do all this without taking any benefits or any money from the contribution they do just to please Allah Rab-ul-Izzat and well being of their neighbours. Are the people who are not paying comes under violation of Huquq-ul-Ibad in which one is not paying but enjoying all the benefits at the cost of other residents? If no, what is the Islamic preaching in this special scenario for the ones paying and those not paying?


We believe that all tacit and express agreements are to be honoured. Those who just enjoy the facilities and do not pay what is due on them are violating the rights of the fellow humans and the commands of God Almighty. They should be warned of the consequences of the wrong they are doing. As for those who pay on behalf of such delinquents they will be rewarded by God on their good work.

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