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I watch a lot of porn movies on internet and then do masturbation to remove my sexual desires. I don't want to do all these things but it becomes necessary for me to masturbate as I cannot control myself at times. It is only after committing the act that I feel relaxed but ashamed as I also know that this thing is haram in Islam. But I can't stop it. Please tell me what should do to remove this dirty thing from my life.

And also tell me what will be the consequences that the masturbator will face on the Day of Judgment and what are the du'as for the forgiveness from this sin?

Please reply soon I am very worried


Due to a number of moral considerations, which are explicitly mentioned in Islam, masturbation is a loathsome act.

Please note that there are at least two broad categories of instructions in the Qur'an: first, those which can be read as clear and explicit injunctions and second, those which are not so mentioned, but can be deduced from the text as implied, through a closer reading of the texts.

In the case of masturbation the second form of text reading applies. Though such a derivation of implied instructions from the Holy Qur'an is a highly technical affair, requiring a high degree of disciplinary expertise and deep familiarity with the spirit of the deen (religion) it might be easy to understand that:

Firstly, the act of masturbation is invariably preceded by intentionally conjured up lusty imagination about a specific person, which is not allowed in Islam.

Secondly, it is succeeded by guilt, moral disgust, physical filth and self repulsion - and to place oneself in such unclean situations is bad.

Thirdly, since Masturbation also has a tendency to become a habit, it has the potential to destroy marital relationships by making the delinquent person indifferent to the spouse.

Fourthly, it would hit all concepts of Muslim decency, modesty and chastity.

Please note that in my response above, I have been reluctant to use the word haram for masturbation, because such a usage requires clear Qur'anic injunctions which declare an act haram, in so many words. The Holy Qur'an neither directly discusses masturbation nor uses the word haram for it. However, this fact does not conceal the moral stains of this repulsive act because of the reasons briefly cited in paragraph 3 ante. I hope it is clear to you that a Muslim is not supposed to abstain only from things which have been explicitly declared haram in the Qur'an. It would be incorrect and also licentious to argue that all acts not declared haram in the Qur'an are allowed.

Now if someone indulges in this act for any compulsion he should be reminded that it is not according to the path God has devised for our sexual gratification. When we find ourselves in trying circumstances we need to keep our thoughts pure and show patience. We should not welcome lewd thoughts and impure imaginations. When struck with such thoughts and compelling sexual urge we should resort to remembering God and His guidance. We must also try to get ourselves married as soon as possible.

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