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I understand that many of your views are novel. At times you interpret and explain verses of the Qur'an and the hadiths in a way remarkably different from our conventional understanding of them. Some people say you are part of the endeavor to modernize Islam. I rely on your views most of the time and anxious to hear all this.


We believe that the basic contents of the religion of God are agreed upon by all since they have been transmitted through generality to generality. Nobody can change or alter them. As for the interpretation of the sources that is always human endeavour and nobody can claim security from error except for the Prophets of God. We are obliged to sincerely study the sources of the deen and follow them. We should develop expertise in the field of study and conclude our understanding following the established norms of understanding a discipline. If we are sincere and do not intend to cheat and follow the religion truthfully and not aim at changing the commands of God to make them correspond to the modern thinking God will not hold us into account. If someone points out our error we are always ready to correct ourselves. We will only conclude a view in the light of the basic sources of the region and will never compromise the commands of God and the Messenger in favour of any worldly power.

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