Isn’t God Everywhere? Isn’t Wahdatul Wajood correct?


We usually say that Allah Almighty is everywhere, he resides within us, even the Quran says "(interpretation) he is nearer to man than his aorta(shah rag)''. In this regard I want to ask does the ideology of " wahadat-ul-wujood" wrong from the basics ?


Regarding the question, please understand that the Qur'an nowhere states that Allah is everywhere, or He resides within us. God's omnipresence does not relate to His locus; He is not confined to any existence nor is any part of Him distributed in parts around the universe. We are not given a description of God's physical attributes, if there is such a thing, hence, when one considers the "omnipresence" of God it would not relate to His "whereabouts" or place of His being. In fact it is the very "faculties" of God that make Him omnipresent. He hears the most intimate prayers in the tiniest of hearts. He sees the most hidden actions of all His creatures. He knows the deepest inward thoughts of our minds. His attributes afford Him the knowledge and awareness of all things. It is these qualities that allow God the omnipresence that is spoken of in the Qur'an. It states:

We created man and We [even] know the promptings of his mind. We are closer to him than his life vein.

Close, but obviously not theproximity of His physical being.

On the other hand, 'Wahtadul Wajood' meansthat this creation is the physical manifestation of God or both are essentially one. This is completely antithetical to the Qur'an.

I hope I have clarified the issue.


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