I’tikaf In The Mosque Of The Prophet (sws)


In the mosque of the Prophet (sws) in Madina they mark the area for a person who sits in I'tkaf and forbid the people from crossing that mark. You should not cross that particular area when you sit in I'tkaf and in that period we cannot take shower also and change our cloths, is that right or not. During the sitting can we change our cloths and take shower to clean ourselves?


I do not know why they have introduced these restrictions. There is no such restriction in the practice as initiated and promoted by the Prophet (sws). He would even let his wives wash his head. You may take shower if you need to. However, the administration in the Mosque might have taken these decisions for some practical purposes. It would not be wise to violate them when you sit in i'tikaf in Masjid Al-Nabavi.

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