Jihad And Qital


My question is with regards to jihad and qital given the circumstances today. Is qital obligator for the modern day Muslim?


An individual Muslim does not need to decide whether Qitaal necessary for him or not. It is the Muslims state which has to decide when to go into war and against whom. It may call the general public for participating in the war or it may decide to rely on the armed forces alone. In case if it makes an open call for jihad every individual has to respond positively to the call of the rulers. Otherwise in normal circumstances when there is no war declared by the government or it is going but the armed forces are engaged in it and the state does not need your participation you do not need to move.

However, Muslim states are obliged to wage war on any countries who persecute their subjects be they Muslims or Non Muslims. The rulers have to consider their worth and see whether they can face the opponent or would only increase their brutalities and weaken the Muslims.

For detail of our views on the issue please go through the following article: http://www.renaissance.com.pk/junespart2y2.html

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