Killing Non-Muslims


I am a Christian living here in America with my family. Does this mean that the Muslims have to kill me? I am very frightened and confused. Can you please explain?


I am afraid you have not understood the correct Islamic view on this issue. It is merely because of misconceptions that some Muslims hold that they are obliged to prepare themselves and force the non Muslims into accepting Islam or paying jizyah. They are not actually out to kill people except some of the groups we are well aware of. Majority Muslims are not in favor of war like for example some extremist Muslim groups have waged against some of the non Muslim countries. However learned among the upholders of the above view also know that Islam does not allow any kind of terrorist activities. They intend to establish themselves and they declare war openly before taking any action.

This is how the different groups of the Muslims believe but much is needed before taking any action. We live in a world where the intention and preparation of any such groups cannot remain hidden. Non Muslims can take any measures of security they deem appropriate on the basis of sound information and likely threats.

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