Legal Name Of An Adopted Child


am an I unmarried woman, about 48 years in age. I am currently working as a school principal. A cousin of mine is a gynaecologist, and a few days back, a girl came from delivery, in her hospital and her old father was with her. Her husband had died a few months back, so did she after giving birth to a baby boy. Her father refused to take the child in his custody, for he is too old to look after the child. Thus, it should be given to a family which can care for it properly. The baby was given to a nurse for a few days. The nurse got worried when people started handing her thousands of rupees for the sake of raising the child. She wanted to hand over the baby to the right people. Understanding the situation I adopted the child. What I need to know is whose name should I write as the child's surname for I do not know the name of the father and I have to get the registration form from NADRA. My own ID card is connected to my brothers family and a family number is needed to connect the child. It is important because the baby is now 25 days old and still needs to get registered in the UNION COUNCIL.


We believe that the religion obligation in this regard is simple and easy to follow. We must not hide the lineage of the adopted children. Now the situation here is not that we are trying to hide something. You are trying to fine out the name of the real father and just want to register the baby. The best way is just to follow the legal requirements of the state and discuss the issue with an lawyer who is expert in such matters and follow the law of the land.

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