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I am in love with a religious Muslim girl. I want to marry her. She is also in love with me. It is not just love but we understand each other very well. I am 24 years and she is also mature. I did my master in UK and I can understand my good and bad.

The problem is that my father does not agree with me in this matter. His reservations are that the girl is from out of the family. Her parents are also resisting. I like that girl because she is religious, truthful and has a good character. I believe I can find a girl more beautiful than her but not as religious and faithful. If I am not able to marry her I strongly believe that I would never be able to marry in my whole life.

I have been trying to persuade my father for the last two years. I know Islam does not stop me from marrying her. I need to know if a father has a right to suppress his children like me. I am so tense and frustrated thinking that the parents of that girl have a right to force her into marrying a boy which she does not like. This is injustice. I cannot accept this. Please help me in this regard.


Thank you for writing to us. I am sorry Mr Ghamidi does not respond to the queries posted on the site or emailed to us. We however respond to them in the light of Mr Ghamidi's views and understanding on the topics.

I believe you understand the Islamic stance on the issue that you can marry her. Parents have no right to force their children into marrying persons of their (i.e. parents') liking. It is the right of the adult male and female sons and daughters to decide their liking. They must seek the blessings of the approval of their parents but it is not absolutely necessary.

When the parents are unreasonable in a demand we may still try to appease them but we can decide the issue independently. Since you know the Islamic stance in the issue I do not know in what way we can help you. In this social issue you can use friends of your parents as arbiters. This is because if we go against the will of the family and marry a boy or girl we in fact take upon us a huge challenge. We cannot guarantee smooth running of the new family and may find trouble in future when there would be none to help us in most cases.

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