Making Up For A Past Wrong


I have a question. When I was fourteen, my friend and I talked about how to make money. I came with an idea that we should start dealing drugs. He had the money so he financed it. However, we soon smoked it up and I stole the drugs from him. I sold some of it and lost the other half. Again I talked him into buying again and stole it from him again. I wonder should I send him the money back. I have no contact with him now but know where he lives.


The Almighty is the Tawwāb (Relenting) and Raheem (Oft Forgiving). He always forgives his slaves when they truly repent and give up sinfulness and start living a pious life. Your feeling about the repayment of what you wrongfully devoured of the wealth of your friend is indeed a sign of true faith. I would suggest that you should try to make up for the wrong done and pay your friend if he is no more involved in such activities. If still deals in drugs etc then you should give away the equal amount to the poor for giving him the money would be helping the evil grow strong.

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