Marrying A Man Who Drinks And Disallows Hijab


I am a 37 year old divorced woman and I wear hijab. Can I marry a man who would not like me to do hijab and drinks a glass of wine once a month? He doesn't get drunk.


Thank you for writing to us. We believe that the common concept of hijab is not the requirement of the Shari'ah. (For detail please refer to: Therefore insistence on it on the detriment to the overall religious, social and moral life of one would not be very productive. You can marry the man and enter into a dialogue with him and make him realize the importance of hijab in your view. As for as the issue of drinking is concerned, it is not allowable. Even small amounts are not to be taken as that can lead one to full drinking and ultimately getting inebriated and that too habitually. The Shari'ah often prohibits things that can potentially lead to a sin. However, here again it cannot be said that one cannot marry such a man. For God has only prohibited marrying convicted adulterer and the polytheist. A chaste man and a chaste woman can marry individuals of their choice except for these two.

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