Marrying One’s Ex-wife


Mr Ghamidi believes that husband can remarry his ex-wife after the epxiry of iddah. I cannot understand how after the expiry of iddah following a sinlge or tripple talaq the husband can marry the divorced wife? Isn't the allowance to take back the wife restricted during the iddah?


The iddah is no doubt three menstrual cycles in both the cases, ie one talaq or three talaqs. If one gives one talaq and the three months iddah passes he still has the right to remarry the woman. The only difference that occurs due to the expiry of iddah is that the woman is free. She will have her say and the right to approval. The man cannot revoke the talaq on his own. But the option to remarry is still there. In the case of three talaqs this right is no more available to the husband, not during the iddah nor afterwards.

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